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Tips to Consider When Applying Perfume for Women in Brooklyn, CT

Perfumes and fragrances are becoming increasingly popular. As a woman, nothing feels more luxurious than applying a splash of perfume that enchants your personal taste. Regardless of the occasion, if you want your perfume to last long and stay fresh, you should consider the following application tips:

Spray It onto Your Pulse Points

Most women often mistake spraying their perfume on their necks and wrists. If you want the scent to last all day, spray it on your pulse points. These are the areas where your body temperature is at its highest and may include the surface of your wrists, inner elbows, and behind your knees.

Spray But Don’t Rub

The other key tip to consider when applying perfume for women in Brooklyn, CT, is not rubbing it in. You need to spray it so that the scent will permeate the skin. If you rub after spraying, it makes the perfume lose its scent much faster.

Comb It in Your Hair

If you have long hair, use it to help distribute your perfume evenly. Spray the perfume on your hair and comb it. The perfume will seep down to your skin as you comb through your hair. This will ensure it lasts for a good amount of time.

Spray On Your Clothes Too

To smell great, it’s not just your skin that needs to be covered with perfume. You can double the scent and make it last longer by spraying your clothes as well. Just be careful where you spray, and make sure that the clothes are ready for perfume.

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