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Scent Boosters – How to Extend a Men’s Fragrance on the Upper West Side

Most fragrances for men have a short lifespan. If you want to maximize a product’s potential, take aim and follow these steps.

Focus on the Formula

All fragrances have a concentration level. A product with a high level of concentration will retain its scent for the longest length of time. For men, a cologne will fall between two to four percent. If you want more out of a fragrance, go with a perfume for men. It will have a more intense concentration level.

The Power of the Shower

Fragrances are absorbent, so they will work best on damp skin. When you step out of a shower, this is a great time to apply a fragrance. At this moment, your pores will be open, so the essence of a fragrance will lock-in.

Although it seems logical, you should never spray a fragrance directly on your clothing. If it latches onto a piece of fabric, it will dissipate faster, and it could leave a stain on the material.

Moisturize for the Prize

A fragrance needs moisture to survive. It’s the fuel that pushes a scent forward.

If you’re going to moisturize with a lotion, go with a product that has a calm scent. This is the best way to create balance. Ideally, the essence of cologne should be the star attraction, and the scent of a lotion should have a supporting role.

Where to Buy Men’s Fragrances on the Upper West Side

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