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Is the Best Automatic Stiletto Knife a Custom or Factory-Made Piece?

Custom automatic switchblades come with the advantage of being carefully crafted for the individual purchasing them, which is why so many people are likely to say that the best automatic stiletto knife belongs to this category without question. Nevertheless, factory-made automatic switchblades have also improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. That’s causing quite a bit of contention in the industry as a result.

Interestingly, there’s actually a group of automatic switchblades that are somewhere between the two these days. Such blades are made by factory brands but end up featuring everything that someone would expect in a custom knife. Each of these is capable of at least some customization, which helps to further increase their utility to those who might not have otherwise been able to use something that’s purchased off of a regular dealer shelf.

Progressive cutlery companies have been working on increasing the number of different options they provide for those who need something special. Best of all, many of these come with a blade that’s ready to take whatever kind of sharp edge the user might prefer. Stiletto blades are commonly thought of as tactical designs, but they’re also a great choice for anybody who has problems related to accessibility. That’s made these kinds of considerations extremely important for those who plan on investing in a knife they can open while only using a single hand.

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