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Take Your Lifts to New Levels With the Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men

Great weightlifting shoes can give you a competitive edge, enhancing your time spent in the gym. Nothing beats superb technique and a champion diet, but durable, well-made shoes are a big help. Here’s what to look for and how it can help you.

Mid- to High-Top Trunner or Weightlifting Shoe?

Runners, trainers and trunners are great multipurpose shoes that also look and feel good during lifestyle activities. Weightlifting shoes are specialized products endowed with unique characteristics to support heavy lifting. One characteristic is the mid- to high-top shoe height.

Mids and highs are more than a fashion statement. Their higher collars envelop your ankles, offering wraparound support. This is absolutely critical when executing compound movements that require jumping, kicking, pivoting and pushing.

Straps and Shoelaces

Long, sturdy straps and shoelaces are a standard feature on the best weightlifting shoes for men. Otomix bodybuilding shoes, for example, tend be mid-tops or high-tops with supportive, reinforcing straps.

They also have padded tongues, padded collars and strategically arranged shoelace eyelets for optimal lockdown. Lockdown is key in nearly every sport. It stabilizes the navicular bone, holding your foot in place inside the shoe.

Sewn-On Soles or Raised Heels

Some of the best weightlifting shoes for men have soles and heels that are sewn-on or raised, respectively. Raised heels help you remain connected to the floor during squats, lunges, burpees, etc.

Sewn-on soles help you better feel the floor beneath your feet, facilitating balance and correct posture when lifting. Otomix bodybuilding shoes for men are examples of models with sewn-on soles. Visit Otomix at for more info.