Choosing the Best Foam Mattress

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Shopping

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A foam mattress offers several benefits over traditional innerspring type mattresses. Foam mattresses are not subject to the same level of wear as a spring mattress since there are no stiff springs sticking through to poke you in the back or start to sag. So, what should you look for when you are looking for a foam mattress in Gulfport, MS?


This may be more important with a foam mattress than it ever was with spring mattresses. The thickness is going to determine if you are touching the box spring underneath. This will vary from person to person and manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally anything over six inches should be sufficient for most. Anything below this is usually sold as a topper and is meant to go over your current mattress.


The next thing to consider is the density of the foam. This is going to determine the firmness. Since there are no springs in a foam mattress the density of the foam itself will be the deciding factor here. You want to be sure you pick one that is going to be soft enough to be comfortable, but not so soft that the entire mattress sinks in when you lie down.

Breath ability

The breath ability of a mattress is not something we have traditionally had to worry about, but with foam mattresses becoming more and more popular it is worth mentioning. With a traditional mattress the springs are covered with a cushion, then fabric to hold it all together. Now, with foam mattresses there is no need for this passing, so you will be laying directly on the foam. This means you will need to make sure the foam is able to breathe to prevent sweat from pooling up in your mattress and causing issue like a sweat rash. You want something that is going to allow at least some air flow.

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