Why Screen Printing Is the Better Option in Lee’s Summit, MO

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Embroidery and Screen Printing

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When it comes time to look at printing options for promotional team, promotional or employee shirts, many people choose screen printing. While several other methods currently offer options to clients, this method remains popular. It does so for a variety of reasons. These we explore in the article provided below.

Why Choose Screen-Printing?

As a historic method of printing, this is a great option. It offers both established and beginning businesses a chance to get their name out there in a positive way – as long as you arrange for the work to be designed and printed by professionals in the business, skilled in producing this demanding art. Why is it better than embroidered or other custom-designed printing methods? The answer is as follows:

  • Metallic shades

  • Puffy

  • High contrast

  • High visibility,

  • Glow in the dark

A Variety of Design Options: Today’s available technology increases the possibilities for screen printers. The latest inks are colorful and provide seemingly endless potential for designs.

They can now introduce a variety of effects including:

Affordability: When you compare the costs with several other printing options, screen printing in Lee’s Summit, MO is very affordable and cost-effective. By reducing the number of colors on a shirt or combining them, you can reduce the cost while still producing an impressive shirt.

Quick Turn-around: Professionals can easily produce a large amount of shirts quickly and efficiently within several business days following your approval of the design.

Screen Printing Produces Well Designed Shirts

Designing t-shirts to use as advertising tools can be difficult. It can challenge both your verbal and visual communication skills. However, Business Name can make the whole process more simple and stress free. The result, when the shirts are truly well designed, enhances the awareness of your business or brand.

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