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Types of Protective Eyewear

Protecting your eyes and eyesight is important as you work in hazardous conditions. There are many options for you to choose, all protect your eyes and is a matter of function and preference.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses and eyewear must follow a strict standard of shock resistance. The lense and frame are made to withstand a higher level of impact than plain glasses used to see. The safety glasses can come in many models and can even be the prescription strength or in sunglass form. Some models can come with varying accessories. Safety glasses with lights, for example, are a great way to protect your eyes while illuminating your workspace.

While safety glasses provide great shock protection, they are best used in environments that don’t require full eye protection as there are vulnerable gaps on the side of your eyes that allow particulates to come in.

Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are generally the bigger version of protective eyewear. They can be worn over your glasses and provide full coverage eye protection while wearing them. The goggles are fully protective, not allowing any debris to penetrate through. These are the better option if you have debris such as metal or dust flying around. Glasses can’t protect you from the dirt and debris coming from the sides like goggles can.

Safety goggles can come vented or unvented. Unvented goggles tend to fog up quickly, make sure you choose one with an anti-fogging lens.

Choosing the Right One

Safety glasses and safety goggles are a perfect way to protect your eyes from the elements and the immediate surroundings. Both options are available for any budget. There are different styles and designs to fit all face shapes and personal preferences. Evaluate your workspace before you make a decision and choose the one that would best suit your needs.

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