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Top Fishing Tackle Brand in Malaysia for All

Fishing is a popular hobby and leisure sport in Malaysia. As such, there is a wide array of fishing tackle brands available in each and every state. Many top-of-the-line global brands may be prohibitively expensive. Others may be inexpensive but lack the level of professional quality and consistency anglers are looking for.

Seahawk is developed with the sole objective of offering the best of both worlds. Created since 1978, Seahawk is a top fishing tackle brand in Malaysia for all, with its top-notch, tech-packed yet affordable fishing tackle; perfect for anglers who want quality but also the most affordable fishing tackle.

What anglers want

One issue that many anglers want addressed is access to the most advanced technology available. There is always the desire to be ahead of the game. This is why Seahawk uses top quality materials in order to make the best possible fishing equipment.

Accessibility and affordability is also a factor that many take into consideration. Some anglers may want something affordable yet durable if they are just starting out in fishing for the first time. While other more seasoned fishermen may want consistent quality that rivals global brands. This is something that Seahawk can offer as well with its very wide range of top-notch fishing tackle; covering fishing rods, reels, and fishing lines right down to terminal tackle, fishing jerseys and accessories.
As quality is a top priority, Seahawk is heavily involved throughout all levels of the manufacturing process of its products, from initial design process right through to the final packaging.

Seahawk’s commitment

Seahawk comes from a family company that started in the 1960s, with the goal and sole commitment to become a top fishing tackle brand in Malaysia for all. For more information on our range of angling equipment, visit our website or contact us directly if you have any specific questions regarding products and other inquiries.