Three of the Best Unisex Perfumes You Should Try in Los Angeles, CA

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Cosmetics & Beauty Supply

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Unisex fragrances combine elements of masculine and feminine scents in perfect harmony and can be worn by any gender. Whether you prefer androgynous scents or want a fragrance to share with your sweetie, here are three of the best unisex perfumes in Los Angeles, CA.

Andrea Maack Dual

If your everyday style includes polo shirts, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes, Andrea Maack Dual is the perfect fragrance for you. Inspired by Iceland’s natural hot springs, this sporty fragrance combines the uplifting notes of ginger, lemon, and pink pepper with earthy elements of cedarwood and dry amber.

Imaginary Authors Decisions, Decisions

Inspired by the history of civil rights in the South, Decisions is one of the most unique unisex perfumes in Los Angeles, CA. Notes of sarsaparilla and sweet raspberry complement amber and floral elements with a hit of musk and spice. Every fragrance from Imaginary Authors is designed for unisex wear.

Rosendo Mateu No. 3

Paying homage to the scents of Calabria, Tunisia, and Italy, Rosendo Mateu No. 3 is a perfectly balanced unisex perfume with notes of fresh citrus bergamot, neroli essential oil, and leathery iris. Both sensual and comfortable, this scent is perfect for couples to share.

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