Surprise Your Favorite Hockey Fan With An Unforgettable Gift

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Business

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Whether they play on a local team or never miss an NHL or college game, we have unique gift ideas for hockey fans that collect memorabilia and anything else they can get their hands on that carries the logo of their favorite team. Our carefully crafted hockey-themed ceiling fans can be made completely custom, or you can purchase a fan that features your favorite team’s logo and colors.

Custom Made Hockey Ceiling Fans

Each fan we make is carefully crafted per every customer’s specific instructions. You can select which style of blade you want to be displayed on the fan, and whether or not you want a mix of hockey and goalie sticks as the blades.

You can also select the color scheme of the blades on your fan by choosing whether you want hockey, goalie, away, or home game blades. You can even choose the number of your favorite player or put your own hockey number on the blades as well.

To make a customized fan with your own hockey number and colors, you’ll have to fill out a custom order sheet complete with your information and the details for the custom project.

Choosing a team

We work with logos from teams all over the world, so you can choose teams from the NHL, college teams, and even give your personal teams info so that we can create a customized fan for you. Come to us to find great gift ideas for hockey fans in your life for any occasion.

For more information visit Ultimate Hockey Fans.

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