Surefire Vapor

by | May 16, 2016 | Bathroom Accessories, Shopping

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Surefire Vapor is a luxury mod maker located in Chino, California. Their company designs, manufactures, and sells mechanical devices which are high-end and only made in the United States. Surefire Vapor distributes to vendors in several countries, including the United States and Europe. Mods at Surefire Vapor have all one thing in common, style, craftsmanship and performance.

Unique Mechanical Modifications

Surefire Vaper has a luxury mechanical modifications named The King, which several different finishes have been used for the creation of a modest or flashy profile. These finishes they used include brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and more. Their most expensive product has seen the use of gold. No doubt Surefire Vapor will add more finishes as time passes. To show their uniqueness, Surefire Vaper has each mechanical modification packaged in a presentation box which is an ostrich-grain of bright red, and a certificate of authenticity is placed inside for their owners.

Vaporizer Standard Features

Surefire Vapor has standard features on all their vaporizers, with one of them ensuring easy rebuilding by having knurled rings and reversed locking ring. For preventing each mod from rolling, a hexagonal ring is placed near all their bases. Superior conductivity is allowed with each vaporizer from their adjustable copper contacts. Each time this mod is taken apart and put back together, or an atomizer is added, each piece fit flush due to smooth machine threading. Each customer of Surefire Vapor is allowed to choose a size with their body extensions: 18350, 18490, or 18650.

Surefire Vapor has some excellent designs available for sale online at their store or at their trusted vendors. Some of these gorgeous creations include King Kong, Jewelry Finish, Black Matte Brass King, and Jewelry Black King.

Surefire Vapor mechanical mods have detail and finish which is unsurpassed. If looking for uniqueness with your mod, Surefire Vapor has it.