Safety Gear You Should Never Go Without

by | May 9, 2016 | Shopping

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While indulging in a few bouts of airsoft game play seems fun, you need to be serious about taking safety measures before you start. That includes using safety gear whenever you have join a game or training. Here’s some of what you need to pack along for that:

Head Protection

A helmet or full face mask can be handy here. Don’t forget your eye goggles as well. The Airsoft Dome says eye goggles are one of the most important items in your gear so you shouldn’t ever leave it behind. Also, don’t try to use makeshift eye goggles in its place—like those you use for swimming pools. They aren’t designed the same. Plus, you need goggles that can withstand pellet impact during game play. If you’re training or playing in the desert, a scarf can be a tremendous help to you as you try to overcome the sand that seems to blow from everywhere. This will also help keep your face protected from flying debris, pellets or sand.

Chest Protection

When you’ve got your eyes and face protected, then chest protection should be the next priority. This is where you use protective gear like vests and plates. Just make sure you pick a standout choice like a Molle vest when it comes to keeping your upper body safe. These are durable and lightweight so they’ll last longer and provide you the on the field support you need without slowing you down. Carry as much as you can with the right vest and plates.

Arms and Hands Protection

Gloves do a great job of keeping your hands safe. If there are any exposed skin along your arms, choose to wear long-sleeves instead. Covering every exposed inch means better protection for you when the training or games begin.

Foot Protection

Boots offer you the tough and sturdy protection you need on the field. This way, you can continue to play or participate in the training even when weather conditions are less than stellar. Heavy rains? Get your poncho and lace up your boots. You have what you need to keep you dry and safe.

So make sure your safety and tactical gear include these items on your list. That way, you can be prepared for anything while you’re out there. It’s the best kind of mind-set to have. Whether you’re playing a game or engaging in a training exercise, being prepared allows you to deal with the future head-on.

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