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SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod – The Copper-Built Cartridge

If you are looking for a new style of e-cigarette then, the SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod may be what you are looking for. The device has a unique design and look when compared to other cartridges.

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices. It is specifically designed to give nicotine to the person in the form of vapor and not in the form of smoke.

What is the SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod?

This e-cig product is an American-made mechanical mod flagship. It is available in two different types. The first type is made up of a stainless-steel body, and the second type is made up of a copper body. It also contains a copper pin and 510 thread connections.

Amazing Workmanship in the Parts

The SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod is made up of three pieces: a cap at the top with the floating center pin in the 510 connection, a battery tube and the main bottom cap with the firing button. A copper-plated spring is also used along with the three copper spring ball bearings. It gives a smooth feeling when you press the button. Force is distributed equally with the help of ball bearings. It is nearly completely made of copper.

Advantages of an SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod

The voltage drop is very small because it hits using a lot of power. It supplies very good flavor, produces a lot of vapor and has a very smooth firing button. It has all the ingredients to give immense joy to the user. The button housing contains an adjustable delrin ring, which helps to reduce the battery rattle. It offers a firing pin that is floating and requires minimum adjustments when compared to its counterparts. Because of the lack of adjustments needed, it is highly recommended for advanced electronic cigarette users.

The Special Features of the SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod

  • Floating Copper Firing Pin: It contains a floating copper firing pin.

  • Copper Bottom Pin: The bottom pin is made up of copper.

  • Adjustable Delrin Button Housing: The delrin button housing is adjustable.

  • Voltage Drop: The voltage drop is minimum.

  • Vent Holes: It contains 4 vent holes in the button housing.

  • Interchangeable: The pieces are all interchangeable.

If you are an advanced user looking to buy the best flagship mechanical mod, then the SMK Flagship Mechanical Mod is the best option for you. This is a higher end product, but the features and workmanship definitely warrant the price.