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Serious Users Opt for Sophisticated Microtech Automatic Knives at Work

Regarding the job site, you probably wouldn’t expect to ever see anybody include stiletto knives in their toolboxes. However, it seems that a greater percentage of people are turning to stiletto blades made by Microtech because they’re more durable than many other knives that are actually purposefully made for this part of the market.

Microtech automatic knives are made according to unbelievably tight machining tolerances, which makes them highly attractive to technicians who need tools that are made to surgical specifications. This is why it’s not unusual to see technicians wielding stiletto knives any longer. For that matter, Microtech’s line of automatic stiletto knives is increasingly preferred by outdoor adventurers and urban explorers who prefer a small blade that’s easy to open in extremely tight quarters.

Factory knives from Microtech are generally made to such exacting specifications that they could potentially be mistaken for custom blades. At least one major individual in the world of cutlery expressed the view that these blades have the same qualities as handmade custom knives. That’s why some people have actually elected to use them in place of custom pieces of cutlery.

Double action blades, also from the Microtech collection, have attracted a similar following. These knives feature everything you’d expect from a tactical folder, but they’re packaged in the same way that automatic stiletto knives are. Those who want the best of both worlds are really taking a closer look at these.

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