Potty Training Puppies Made Easier with Home Pet Training Pads

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Shopping

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New puppy ownership can be one of life’s greatest joys. One of the greatest challenges in pet ownership comes early when potty training becomes the owner’s primary focus. To make training much easier, especially for dogs that will spend the majority of their time indoors, potty training pads prove to be invaluable articles in the home, pieces of training ‘equipment’ that owners will soon find invaluable having in abundant supply.

When pet owners are looking for appropriate pads, there are a few factors to evaluate in the pad itself. These include:

Size of the pad

. Fortunately, pads are made to accommodate the needs of the smallest dog, all the way up to Great Danes and Mastiff-like sizes. It’s just a good idea to get the size appropriate for the dog’s size, as well as the area where training the puppy is.

Mess, leak, and odor prevention

. Look for pads with a polymer to hold in moisture, and pads with polypropylene backing to help stop leaks. Layered pads (six layers is ideal) helps to prevent tracking, protecting floors and furniture. And be sure that wee wee pads that are looked at absorb odor.

Having enough pads on hand

. When purchasing training pads, especially early on in training, and relying on orders to be shipped, give great consideration to buying in bulk. This will always be an option with any pad seller and often costs less per pad when purchasing a greater number at one time.

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