Four Essentials That All Wrestlers in Nevada Must Purchase Immediately

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Shopping

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As wrestling is a super hands-on sport, athletes must have the proper attire and equipment to prevent injuries and truly thrive in their craft. Here are a few essentials that every aspiring wrestler should grab before their first day of practice.


As it turns out, those one-pieces that wrestlers sport are more than just a fashion statement. Singlets are a safe bet because unlike t-shirts and traditional shorts, they cling to the body, leaving nothing for opponents to tug on. They also are made of spandex or a similar fabric to support a full range of motion.

Wrestling Shoes

An old pair of running sneakers cannot take the place of a good pair of wrestling shoes. The unique characteristics of wrestling shoes include flexibility, durability, and breathability. Not to mention, because they are both lightweight and provide superior ankle support, they make for safe, effortless movements.


Without the proper headgear, wrestlers run the risk of suffering from various head injuries and cauliflower ear. While some units might provide a greater level of head support, the vast majority of them only have padding around the ears.


Taking a blow to the mouth is pretty common in the wrestling world, so in order to protect from broken teeth and mouth injuries, athletes should always wear a mouthguard. They are typically made of either plastic or rubber and are designed to mold directly to the teeth.

Athletes can find all of the gear that they need to both look and perform at their best