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Finding a Teen Bedding Set in Green Bay, WI

Teenage years are formative ones that include many changes in growth, hormones, preferences, and trends. It is not likely that the thirteen-year-old daughter who wanted a Wonder Woman bedding set will still want the same set at fourteen, sixteen, or eighteen. Keeping up with fads two or three times a year can cost a small fortune in comforters and pillowcases. A little creativity and persuasion can satisfy the teen and save money at the same time.

Focus On Colors

One idea is to suggest a Teen Bedding Set in Green Bay WI that matches the colors of the walls and the decor. It is much cheaper to purchase new posters or lampshades that match trends than it is to buy complete bedding sets. Continuing with the Wonder Woman example for continuity, a red and gold bedding set will match the poster, wall decals, and accessories. In six months to a year when trends or preferences change, that same set will also match the Ancient Egyptian motif that has replaced the original one.

Keep Bedding General

Discover images or patterns that can follow a hobby or interest during expanding stages. The twelve-year-old fascinated with space may go from wanting a space saga movie theme to astrology to a serious ambition to become a NASA engineer. A Teen Bedding Set in Green Bay WI that has a giant supernova, the solar system, or a star chart on it will be relevant for years. It will look cool as a background for the space battle with play sets and still be cool when the teen spends hours looking out that new telescope set up by the window.

High Quality

Bedding sets that are cheaply made for the department store masses may have a low price tag but will need to be replaced often. Purchasing a high-quality set, such as those available at The Lullabye Shop, will last through those teen years. The investment in two or three sets will be less expensive than buying that many sets per year. Raising children is expensive, so any areas where savings can be found are a great benefit to the family budget. Visit us website For more informartion!!