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Designing a custom fixie bike

A fixie bike is an affectionate name for a fixed gear bike, which is a bike that comes with a drivetrain but does not feature a freewheel option.

A custom fixie bike can be designed by those who make use of the services of Bilda Bike. A custom fixie bike can be created for those riders with artistic sensibilities, providing them with an opportunity to unleash their creativity and create a genuinely unique custom fixie bike that will turn heads wherever they go.

Any product that is custom made provides an extra thrill to its owner because of its uniqueness, and that is especially true in regards to a custom fixie bike.

Regardless of the handlebar style you would prefer, or whether you would like to ride fixed, two-speed or free-wheel, you will be able to design a custom fixie bikie to suit you when you make use of the online bike builder on the website of Bilda Bike.

When you design your custom fixie bike on the online bike builder you will be able to see the bike to get a good idea of what the finished product of your design will look like. You can mix and match colors and other fittings to see which combinations you would like the best.

A custom fixie bike is a great option for riders who are not only looking for a more affordable purchase but are also greatly invested in its aesthetic appearance. Designing and building such a bike to suit your personal taste can be a highly satisfying experience.

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