Custom Jewelry for Men and Women in Jacksonville FL

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Custom Jewelry

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Everyone has heard that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. That expression may certainly well be true, as most women enjoy receiving and buying jewelry. However, jewelry is not meant just for women. Men like to accessorize as well. Whether it be given to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday or anniversary, or some other more simple occasion, Custom Jewelry in Jacksonville FL is always a welcomed gift by women and men. Finding that perfect piece of jewelry to wear every day or to simply add to a particular outfit is easy due to the enormous selection of jewelry available. Platinum & Gold Jewelers has an array of rings, necklaces, and watches for ladies and men.

Engagement and wedding rings can be vintage, solitaire, diamond accented or colored. Princess, marquise, emerald, round, square and pear are just some of the cuts in store. Ladies’ bands can be plain, diamond, curved or eternity. Men’s bands can be plain, engraved, or diamond. Crosses, pearls, diamonds and colored stones are necklace options. Pearl and diamond stud earrings are available to match or to be worn alone. Fine watches come in platinum, gold and silver. They have practical purpose and make a nice fashion statement.

Jewelry can be expensive depending on color, cut and size. There are ways to cut down on the cost. Custom Jewelry In Jacksonville FL that you currently own can be sold and can make you a profit. Diamonds, rings, antique jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, sterling silver flatware, and other items that you have just sitting around your house can be turned into money! You can also save 10% on all settings and fine jewelry.

Customers’ individual styles are expressed through jewelry. Purchasing just the right piece is so important! It can speak volumes about your own personal style. Finding the perfect ring, necklace or watch can make quite the impression when buying them for a friend or loved one. It can show them how much you know about them and how much you care for them. Most jewelry pieces are statement items that can stand the test of time. Receiving jewelry from a previous time period and even passing along your collection to others is very meaningful. It is amazing how memories can be made and kept alive simply by looking at a ring, necklace or watch. Visit us at Premier Jewelers for more information.