Are Diamond Wedding Bands Still Fashionable?

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Jewelry

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If you’ve recently shopped for wedding jewelry, you’ve no doubt noticed that today’s wedding rings come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Visit any jeweler or online retailer, and you’ll find wedding bands made from titanium, tungsten, stainless steel and even silicone. All these new materials beg the question, “Are diamond wedding bands still fashionable”?

The answer is a resounding yes. Though some brides are opting for alternative metals in bridal jewelry, the vast majority of brides still want gold or platinum paired with diamonds for their wedding ring.  This is true for brides of every age group and income level. Here are five reasons why bride still prefer diamonds:

1. The look is timeless. Alternative materials are trendy right now, but it’s likely that their appeal will not stand the test of time. Diamond wedding bands, however, have always been in fashion, and likely will always be the preferred choice.

2. Diamonds have sentimental value. The idea of wearing the traditional stone of love is important to many brides. The sentimentality of a diamond ring simply cannot be duplicated with alternative metal bands.

3. Diamonds are an investment and an heirloom. Grooms invest in their bride’s jewelry wardrobe when buying her a diamond wedding band. This is a piece of jewelry that carries real value. In addition, many women wish to hand down their bridal jewelry to their children, and a beautiful diamond wedding band is something she’ll be proud to pass on.

4. Diamond wedding bands are durable. For all their delicate details, diamond wedding bands are tough, especially when set in platinum. This is a look that is practical as well as beautiful, and one that can stand up to all of life’s demands.

5. Diamonds go with everything. One of the things women love about their diamond jewelry is the fact that it goes with everything in their wardrobe. Your diamond wedding band will work well with your most casual outfits as well as with your most formal. Many of the alternative bands of today look fine for everyday wear, but may be too casual for a night on the town.

Never worry that diamond wedding bands are going out of style. Trends and looks change from time to time, but diamonds will always be synonymous with bridal jewelry. You simply can’t go wrong by choosing a diamond wedding band for your bridal jewelry.