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5 Ways to Prepare for an Appointment with Your Hair Stylist

“I just booked a hair stylist near me in Katy TX. Now what?” That the thought on your mind? Here are a few things to help you out:

Wash your hair

Yes, they’re going to wash your hair. But if yours is greasy or haven’t seen shampoo and water in a number of days, you’ll want to wash the dirt off before you show up for your appointment.

Go with the right clothes

Ditch the turtlenecks and collared shirts. This get in the way of your hair’s natural fall patterns, effectively messing up the style and cut. If you want to make sure that doesn’t happen, look for the right clothes to wear, says Good Housekeeping.

Say your preferences

Sure, you’ve gone to the same stylist a few times now. But that won’t mean your stylist will remember all your preferences. Better to just talk about those preferences straight out to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, with so many customers that might be coming in every day, it can be tough to remember all those details. Make things easy for your stylist by reminding her/him of those preferences.

Toss out outdated products

With so many hair products out in the market, it’s a crime to stick to old, outdated ones. Be sure you keep up to date with the best practices and latest products for hairstyling and cutting. Upgrade your hair care essentials. Since using the same shampoo can lead to scalp irritation and problems, switching from one type of shampoo to another, can help ease the irritation.

Don’t mess with your hair

Don’t take a pair of scissors and whack at your hair yourself. You and your stylist will be far happier with the results if you let him/her handle this.

“I just booked a hair stylist near me in Katy TX. Now what?” If that’s still on your mind, then these tips should more than give you an idea what to do to prepare you for your appointment.