3 Reasons to Sell Your Jewelry

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Jewelry

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When the value of gold kept climbing, it almost made no sense to hang onto gold jewelry you had not worn, and were not planning to wear, for a long time. Now that the value of gold has stabilized, again, it is still high enough to catch the interest of those who have jewelry that is only gathering dust. If you would like to sell jewelry in Chicago, you simply have to visit a local retailer near you and show them what you have available.

Here are three reasons to consider selling your jewelry.


As mentioned earlier, the value of gold was so high, it made sense to make a small profit from jewelry pieces that were no longer being worn. Those who had broken jewelry had an opportunity to sell it as-is, instead of paying for it to be repaired. Selling some of your jewelry pieces, therefore, makes sense when the amount you will be paid is attractive to you.

Bad Memories

Jewelry is a category of items that tends to be driven by sentiment. When a person does not purchase a piece of jewelry for themselves, the pieces are received as gifts. While you may happily wear the pieces when you are married or coupled with the person who gifted them to you, if the relationship goes south, it could leave a bad taste in your mouth. Instead of holding on to items that cause you grief, consider selling them. You gain a profit and relief.

Make Room

Collecting jewelry is very easy. Some people collect shoes and others collect stamps. Eventually, though, you run out of space. If you have your eye on a new piece of jewelry, make room by selling an older piece.