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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Insurance When Travelling with Your Favorite Jewelry

Finding out the best way to protect and store your favorite jewelry as you travel, is always better than losing your jewels and taking weeks to fight your insurance company to pay your claim for lost diamond anniversary rings and other jewelry.

Ensuring Your Jewelry Is Important

By their very nature, some fine pieces of jewelry are extremely small and can easily be lost or stolen when you travel out of your comfort zone. When you’re at home, it’s easy to know exactly where every piece of jewelry can be found. As you travel to favorite restaurants or other locations, the surroundings feel comfortable to you and you will be wearing the jewelry, having left all your other pieces at home.

You may not wear your diamond anniversary rings all the time, with some individuals choosing to wear the rings on special occasions only.

Photograph and Video Your Jewelry

Recording what your jewelry looks like and providing a copy to your insurance company, means that it will be easier to complete an insurance claim for lost diamond anniversary rings, should that sad event ever occur.

You will need to contemplate whether it is important to take your sentimental jewelry with you when you move to a location that is outside of your comfort zone. It may be better to leave the jewelry with trusted friends or in a secured and locked safe.

You must remember your common sense when choosing your jewelry, depending upon your choices of entertainment for each day. Leaving your jewelry safely locked away when you contemplate thrilling rides at a theme park will be a very safe decision, because your insurance company may consider you are responsible and contributed to losing any items in this manner.

There is a wide range of fine jewelry packing that can help secure all your jewelry as you travel. Wearing your finest jewelry may increase how you feel about yourself, but it does make you a target for thieves who can quickly relieve you of your favorite pieces?