Why More Parents Upgrade Their Child To A Convertible Twin Bed

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Shopping

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The furniture in a child’s room should provide them with comfort and be designed to offer convenience. When the time comes to retire a crib, more parents are choosing to upgrade to a twin bed, as it provides them with ample room to grow, and most models are designed to be space savers which gives a child the space they need to play. Also, a convertible Twin Bed in Green Bay WI is designed to save parents money by adjusting to a child as they grow.

Quick and Easy Conversion

A bed that is designed to convert to different sizes does so with ease. First, remove the mattress and expose the various frame elements and disconnect them from any foot or headboards. Once the frame is detached, use the tabs to release the support bars and slide it into the desired position, which usually ranges from twin to queen, depending on the manufacturer of the furniture.

Affordable Transition

The cost of buying a new bed is exorbitant, not to mention the furniture that will need to be replaced to provide a cohesive design. Rather than paying for a new frame and headboard each time a child needs more room, buy a convertible bed which only requires a new mattress. The average cost of a frame and headboard bundle easily exceeds $500, which will add up as a child transitions to other beds throughout their lifetime.

Additional Accessories

A convertible Twin Bed in Green Bay WI is designed to work with a variety of accessories, such as a trundle bed or loft setup. Not only does this make it the perfect option for households with multiple children, but it allows a room to grow and take on a new purpose as a child develops. Beds that are designed to function as a bunk bed setup may even offer the addition of a desk, which is designed to fit perfectly and provide a custom appearance.

If a child has outgrown their current bed, it may be time to get them a new model. The Lullabye Shop offers a vast selection of quality furniture pieces at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more or stop by and tour the showroom to see the latest trends in children’s furniture.