Types Of Serta Mattresses Available In Baton Rouge

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Shopping

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When most people in Baton Rouge hear “Serta mattresses,” they probably don’t think about all the various types available. They may not realize how many options there are or may believe they’re all the same. Understanding the different types can help you determine whether this brand is right for you and which style is best, as well.


Because innerspring mattresses are the most popular, it stands to reason there would be a variety of them from the most popular of brands. Serta offers five innerspring options to meet almost anyone’s needs. For example, the Perfect Sleeper has some of the most popular features and comes in three options, including Essentials, SmartSurface, and SmartSurface Elite. The Essentials will give you the best support possible while the SmartSurface gives cooling comfort, as well as Free Flex and Custom Support. The Elite version is similar to SmartSurface but uses MicroSupport gel and a total of three cooling technologies.

Because Serta is found in many hotel chains in Baton Rouge and elsewhere, they have a hotel mattress that is designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

They also have a Sertapedic, which combines the Perfect Sleeper and SmartSurface to give the most support.

Memory Foam

Their iComfort series is a memory foam mattress that uses gel memory foam to make it more comfortable and cooler than traditional foam mattresses. They also have a hybrid memory foam bed that uses both innerspring and gel foam to create the best support and cooling comfort imaginable. These beds work well for couples who may have differing needs while sleeping. Both can experience the most comfort and support and wake refreshed.

Choosing a Serta in Baton Rouge isn’t just about the name of the bed. There are a variety of options available from Mattress Direct, so visit  now to learn more.