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Gear to Make Your Camping Trip Easier

When you go on a hiking trip you know you want to travel light, but you also need to have the essentials like fire, water, and light. Recent technological innovations have allowed us gear that can make these trips even lighter while giving us better results than what they are replacing.

LED Hats

If you are going hiking, then chances are you are going to be wearing a hat anyway right? A hat keeps the sun off of your head and out of your eyes as well as keeping sweat out of your eyes, so yeah, you will want to wear one.

When the sun goes down, though, what are you going to do? Most likely you have already set up camp and have a fire, but what if you need to leave the camp, or you want to hike at night. These light up hats have small LEDs clipped onto the bill of the hat. The LEDs are surprisingly bright for their size, but it just goes to show the innovation.

Solar Cell Phone Charger

These are great if you are going to be out for a few days and plan to keep your phone on. They are literally just little solar panels with USB ports. There are also models available that use water flow to turn a wheel and generate power for your phone. Both of these are a great alternative to battery banks. With a battery bank, you may have to take multiple banks depending on how long you are going to be out and these are not always light.

Laser Lighters

Laser lighters use a plasma beam similar to a plasma cutter that goes between two prongs. These laser lighters will light kindling much faster and easier than a traditional lighter or a flint and steel. Since it uses lasers, you do not have to worry about the wind either.

This is just a few of the recent innovations that can make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable. A light up hat would be a great thing to have if you happen to have to setup camp at night.

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