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Custom Training Options

Coming up with custom training solutions for your team can be tricky. Your crew probably has a diverse range of skills and learning needs, but that does not mean you can’t find ways to make training more fun for everyone. Here are a few fun ideas to make training days a little more enjoyable for everyone.

Beer Bikes
Having the usual vendors around for lunches and breaks is ok, but during training a mid-day treat really breaks up the day and refreshes minds. The ultimate refreshment, though, is beer. Beer bikes are pedicabs that sell refreshing pints of cold brew and are a great solution for urban businesses that might have trouble getting access to food trucks or larger vehicles.

Gamifying Training
Speaking of beer, you can alter popular party games like beer pong to work with your training sessions. Instead of asking teams to drink, give them some other handicap like an eyepatch or a silly rule like tossing ping pong balls one handed. Breaking up your training session with games that are actually fun (instead of something that amounts to company policy trivia) makes the day go faster. Plus, trainees who are having fun might actually retain some of the training.

Shake Up the Layout
At the very start of the training, try breaking up the floor plan. Circling up chairs, splitting people into small groups, or even just turning everyone to face the opposite side of the room can be just fresh enough to shake your folks out of the morning haze. If you can, ask participants how they would like to arrange seating and then take a few minutes to rearrange. Shuffling up seating periodically throughout the training will also help keep things a little more interesting for everyone.

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