The Benefits of Long-Sleeved Leotards for Gymnastics

by | May 8, 2018 | Clothing

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The leotard has many different styles, but one of the biggest choices that needs to be made concerning them is whether long, short or sleeveless leos are better. Of course, it all depends on what type of event, practice or meet is being attended. It also depends on the gymnast’s preference. Girls tend to wear short and long-sleeved leotards while boys tend to wear sleeveless and short sleeve leos. The long sleeve gymnastics leotards are typically used during competitions. A few lower-level competitions allow short sleeve leos, however. It is always a good idea to ask a club coach which type of leo your child needs before any events so you have plenty of time to order them from top gymnastics activewear companies like Garland Activewear. They offer leos of varying sleeve lengths.

The Long Sleeve Leo Is for More Than Just Competition
While long sleeve leos are used from competition, they can also be a great choice for practice and training. They tend to be warmer, making them an optimum selection for winter months. Many girls like them since gymnastics facilities tend to be chilly. It is important that long sleeve leos are cared for properly so sweat is not trapped in them between practices. This type of leo also tends to look more professional as well as put-together. While function is important, a leotard needs to look spectacular, especially long-sleeved leos adorned with beautiful crystals that catch every strategic movement and highlight it with the perfect spark.

A Long-Sleeved Leo Puts Athletes in the Right Frame of Mind
While competing, wearing a long sleeved leo makes athletes feel as if they are participating in the ‘real deal.’ Long sleeves really hallmark the difference between competing and training. Training typically calls for short-sleeved leos, although long-sleeved leos can be worn, as well. It’s actually all about personal choice. Choose from a beautiful selection of gymnastics leotards when you visit Garland Activewear’s website. Call us today with any questions!