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Lighten Up Your Wedding with Cheerful Gingham

Weddings were once a strictly formal occasion. Today’s couples prefer to invite whimsy into their affairs, choosing adorable designs and fun fabrics to accent their big day. One popular choice for rustic chic nuptials is gingham, the checkered fabric that is the center of so many of today’s popular farmhouse décor designs. Wedding décor retailers carry it in a wide array of styles, colors, and textures.

Wondering how to put gingham to work at your wedding? Here are a few cute ideas to get you started:

Select for the Season

One of the greatest things about using gingham as a design focus for your wedding is that the pattern is very versatile. Choose soft, pale shades for spring, cool tones for a winter shindig, or deep, rich reds and earth tones for fall and the holiday season. Your gingham tablecloths can set the tone for your entire table, whatever the weather may be!

Wear It

Gingham doesn’t have to be reserved only for the décor! You can work the cheerful fabric into your overall scheme by adorning groomsmen with gingham ties or shirts or asking bridesmaids to carry bouquets tied with gingham fabric ribbons. Wherever you can think to add a little flair, gingham can go right there!

A Little or a Lot

There is no wrong way to use gingham for your special event. You may choose to go bold with checkered dresses and shirts or a gingham tablecloth, or you may stick with something subtle like a gingham pocket square or napkin ring. However you choose to put this pretty, peppy pattern to work for you, just remember that the most important part of decorating for your wedding is absolutely loving the end result. With a few sweet gingham accents, that much is guaranteed!