Deciding Between a Toddler or Twin Bed in Green Bay, Wisconsin

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Furniture

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Toddlers and cribs are a difficult mix because of the risk of a fall once the little one begins to crawl and climb. The debate begins then about what size bed comes next. Many parents immediately buy a toddler bed and invest later in a twin bed. Some parents are avoiding the middle step and switching from a crib to a twin bed. Here is how to decide what is best for each child.

Choose for Simplicity and Safety

Toddler beds use crib-sized mattresses and bedding, so parents do not need to invest in new items. Toddler beds come in a variety of designs meant to appeal to young children. Toddler beds are low to the ground and come with built-in rails to protect children who not used to sleeping outside a crib.

Toddler beds usually take up little room in a nursery. They are often about the same size as the crib. Parents in apartments or a small home may prefer to stay with the smaller sized bed until they can change their living arrangements.

Choose for Savings and Comfort

Parents that buy a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI will have a bed that can fit their child until they leave for college. The crib mattress and bedding stay available for future arrivals, rather than needing replacement after the toddler uses them for two or three more years.

A twin bed gives restless sleepers more room to move around and kick without waking themselves up at night. Twin beds also give parents room to snuggle with their little ones during storytime. If the child falls asleep, it is not necessary to risk waking because they are already in bed.

Choose for the Specific Child

The best choice is dependent on the needs of the child. A nervous sleeper may prefer the smaller, more-contained toddler bed. The parents of a child that needs books and stuffed toys to keep them company overnight will do better buying a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI. Twin beds may also be the best choice for fast-growing children.

Toddler and twin beds each have their benefits. Places like The Lullabye Shop have cribs, toddler beds, and twin beds, and even twin-sized bunk beds. Visit a shop like this to see all the options and safety features available to make the right choice. You can also connect them on Facebook.