A Trundle Bed in Green Bay, WI Helps Parents Maximize Space in Their Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Shopping

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Space is often a huge concern when it comes to children’s bedrooms. There are a few ways parents can fit most of the things a child wants into a room without making it so crowded it’s impossible to enjoy. Since bedding and storage take up the most space in a child’s room, these are the areas parents should focus on when they want to give their child more room to play.


Parents have a lot of options for child’s beds. There are beds with large frames that offer storage space for books and dolls as well as drawers underneath for clothing. Although they might be functional, these types of beds take up a lot of room and aren’t really practical for small spaces. A better option is to choose a twin-size bed with a smaller frame. Children who often have overnight guests could add a Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI to give friends or cousins a comfortable place to sleep when they visit. Parents who need a great bed for their young children can Contact us for recommendations.


Closets in kids’ rooms tend to be the smallest in the home. When there isn’t sufficient closet space, parents need to be creative to maximize the limited space in their child’s bedroom. The ideal solution for homeowners is to build storage space into the walls. Similar to closets, these hidden spaces allow children to store their clothing, books, or toys out of sight without using space inside their bedroom. If this isn’t an option, parents can maximize space by building a tall shelf. Items that are rarely used can be put on the highest shelves, and things the child uses more frequently can be stored where he or she can reach them.

A child’s bedroom should be more than the place where they sleep. This is the place where they go to have privacy, to do homework, or to relax without a lot of background noise. Parents should do everything they can to give their kids a sanctuary they can use and a Trundle Bed in Green Bay WI where their company can sleep soundly. When kids have their own space that they were able to help create, they feel more at home in a new house.