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3 Tips for DYI Wedding Design

Want black tie at your wedding? How about black and white tie to make it spiffy but still formal. Black and white is a classic formal aesthetic, and it’s also surprisingly simple to implement black and white DIY solutions into your wedding look. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Start with Invitations

Invitations can be easy, whether you design them online or make each one by hand. The factor that determines this course is based solely on the guest count. If you’re having a very selective, small wedding with thirty people, handmade invitations will still be time consuming, but manageable. If you’re expecting 150 or more, digital is the way to go. Either way, the key is to set the color and theme for your wedding with a black and white scheme.

2. Match It With Reception Decor

When your guests show up, to maintain your theme, plan the reception décor right down to black and white table runners to match the aesthetic. Once again, the beautiful part of focusing on black and white is that it’s available in every type of product imaginable and is highly affordable. Whether you want to go for something classic like pinstripes or solids, or something quirky like a damask motif, they key is to bring your entire design together with smart aesthetic choices.

3. Follow Up with a Favor

There are lots of favors that can be DIY if you’re willing to put in the work. The Knot suggests something clever like a offering spice rub in a homemade container. The rub can be homemade, but really matters is the branding. DIY is all about choosing colors that match your overall theme, and it’s simple to decorate jars in any color scheme of your choosing.

Wedding DIY isn’t about saving money or trying not to appear cheap, but the exact opposite. While saving money is certainly a draw, especially since you’re starting a new life with your partner, it’s more about personal style and expression. Maintaining an aesthetic starting from invitation and ending with favors is an opportunity to convey you and your partner’s taste. It’s not only memorable, but leaves you with money in the bank for other pursuits in your newly married life.